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Water for San Martín

In 2015, 86 families received land titles in San Martín, located in the coffee-growing region of San Ramón. These land titles represent a chance for these families to build a home and invest in a piece of property that they can pass down to their children. They represent building a community network of mutual support, putting down roots, and having a sense of permanence and belonging.

There is only one problem- there is no potable water in the community of San Martín. The few families who have settled have to haul water from far away, often trespassing on private property to obtain drinking water. Other families have simply chosen not to settle, and continue to drift, mainly working as day laborers at large coffee plantations. This lack of permanence means that their children’s education is interrupted, and their day-to-day needs are dependent upon their employers.  A functional water system not only means health and hygiene for these families; it means independence, opportunity, and community.

We held a fundraiser in May 2021 to match a generous donation of $20,000 to build a water system for San Martín. We are happy to say that we were successful, and we’ve already started the long and complex process of legalizing water sources, training a local water committee, and doing hydraulic studies, with the hope of having the system up and running by April 2022 at the latest. If you’d like to learn more about this project, please contact us!