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Rural School Partnership in San Ramon

In the municipality of San Ramón there are approximately 80 rural elementary schools. These schools, which are very basic concrete buildings with a latrine out back, provide K-6 education for children of rural families. There are usually two or three teachers who teach different grade levels simultaneously. Most schools have a kitchen, which consists of a wood stove, where the children’s mothers take turns cooking the children’s lunch of rice and beans. Many schools don’t have electricity or running water, much less the necessary school supplies.

The RSP program is designed to connect these rural elementary schools to schools, churches, clubs, or individuals in the U.S. Participants pledge a donation of $500 per year to their sister school in San Ramón, usually for three years. The teachers and parents of the school decide how best to use those funds to benefit their school, and SCSRN facilitates communication between schools and sponsors throughout the year with photos, videos, drawings, and letters. SCSRN also facilitates visits by U.S. participants to their sister school in San Ramón.

If you’d like to support this initiative, or if you are interested in becoming a Rural School Partner, please contact us!