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SCSRN Initiatives

Some of our projects are born out of exchange and collaboration between members of our team, which is comprised of the Board of Directors, the San Ramón Committee, and our staff. These projects are designed by members of our team in conjunction with community members.

The following are some ongoing SCSRN initiatives:

Rural School Partnership (RSP) program: By partnering rural elementary schools in San Ramón with schools and organizations in the U.S., we promote cross-cultural exchange between children of rural San Ramón and the people of our sister communities. The RSP program also supports education in these rural areas, giving children an opportunity for a brighter future.

Tourism: When SCSRN suggested the creation of a tourism project in 1998, the people of San Ramón doubted that anyone would want to come to their remote, rural county. Nowadays, tourism is an important part of the local economy and has helped many families lift themselves out of poverty.

Nuestro San Ramón: SCSRN is proud to launch the Virtual Museum “Nuestro San Ramón” (Our San Ramón) as a way for people to learn more about San Ramón’s history and culture. Visit to learn more.