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Los Pipitos San Ramón

Los Pipitos San Ramón was founded by San Ramón local Lilian Selva in 1992, when she realized that there were no services for her granddaughter, who was born with spina bifida. She collaborated with the national network “Los Pipitos” to donate a piece of land and build the center, and she has run it as a volunteer ever since.

Los Pipitos San Ramón provides care from trained physical therapists and early intervention educators to children with physical and intellectual disabilities. Treatment interventions of this type are badly needed, as indicated in the Foundation for Sustainable Development’s report, “Nicaragua: A Development Overview,” which finds that only about 5% of Nicaraguan children with disabilities are able to receive appropriate services through the school system.

The San Ramón clinic is committed to this principle, and since most of its patients’ families are unable to pay, SCSRN has been a committed partner for the clinic since 2005, providing annual support for clinician salaries and other basic needs. The clinic employs a licensed physical therapist and an early intervention teacher, serving approximately 90 children every week. Apart from our annual donation, we have also donated equipment for physical therapy and materials for different courses, such as sign language and Braille classes.