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Sponsor a rural school in San Ramón, Nicaragua

There are over 75 rural schools in the municipality of San Ramón. Imagine the barest of conditions – a cinder block building with a latrine out back, often without electricity or running water. Rural schools offer K-6th education to the children of these poor agricultural communities, and the dedicated teachers and parents of these communities work miracles to make sure each child has access to education, with very few resources.

Joining our Rural School Partnership program is an easy way to get involved with our work and have direct interaction with the people of San Ramón. Participants in our RSP program adopt a school a rural school, and give a $500 donation each year (the traditional commitment is three years, but can be less). The parents and teachers decide each semester how to invest the donation in education. Some examples of how donations have been used are: installing water systems, repairing infrastructure, and purchasing school supplies, band instruments, and dance costumes.

In return, you will receive videos, photos, letters, and drawings from your sister school throughout the year. Many of our RSP sponsors plan annual ecotours with us that include a visit to their sister school, where they play games and do crafts with the children. For elementary and high schools, the RSP program is a wonderful way to implement global education in regular classes.

If you’re interested in becoming an RSP sponsor, click here to contact us, or check out our YouTube channel to see videos from RSP schools like this one: