Upcoming Trips

Create your custom ecotour to San Ramon, Nicaragua!

Become a Trip Organizer with us and we will create with you a trip that will be what you and your fellow travelers envision for an adventure of a lifetime!

What are you passionate about and how can we create your themed trip?

Themes that Trip Organizers have used in the past include:

  • Public Health
  • Art and Poetry
  • Master Gardening
  • Women’s Rights

Cultural and Service Learning Activities include:

  • Be in awe during guided cloud forest hikes and coffee tours at Finca Esperanza Verde (Green Hope Farm) – www.fincaesperanzaverde.org
  • Volunteer at local schools and at Los Pipitos children’s clinic
  • Visit rural small businesses, like a women’s collective creating stationary with recycled paper and local plants
  • Listen to local townspeople tell about their history
  • Enjoy traditional music and dance performances
  • Take cooking classes of indigenous cuisine
  • Attend seed jewelry-making lessons
  • Learn about community organic gardening and attend reforestation workshops
  • Visit with the Traditional Women’s Weaving Collective
  • Visits with local nonprofits making a difference

Optional additional excursions include:

  • León
  • Granada
  • Ometepe Island

Tell us what you would like to explore in this Central American context, and we will support your vision. Contact us at travel@san-ramon.org.

What does it mean to be a Trip Organizer?

Our Trip Organizers are folks who are inspired by our work and the people of San Ramón and want to share our vision of international friendship with their students, colleagues, friends, and/or family. They recruit trip participants and work closely with SCSRN staff to help us build a trip that perfectly meets the group’s interests, wants, and needs.

Since SCSRN staff handle all trip planning and logistics, the Trip Organizer’s job is not hard. We provide a guide which answers any possible questions the Trip Organizer could have, and we work hand-in-hand with him or her before the trip to make sure that each visitor is completely prepared for their trip. After more than 25 years experience bringing groups to San Ramón, we have perfected trip planning to a fine art!

We will provide the following to assure you that you will be prepared for this life-changing adventure:

  • Action Plan
  • Monthly Conversations
  • Itinerary Development
  • Reliable & Open Communication
  • Trip Organizer’s Guide
  • Study Guide
  • Study Packet
  • Lending Library
  • Resources

Visit the following online resources to learn more about Nicaraguan history, politics, language, and travel:
Digital, magazine produced by La Universidad Centroamericana in Managua

For an overview that also provides vast information on history, geography, natural resources, government and travel

Independent online site for insight into culture with a vast video collection that ranges from music and art to nature and sport. Here you will also find help for trip planning for destinations throughout the country

A solely Nicaraguan cultural magazine devoted to the arts and music with interesting graphics

An English language newspaper for features, interviews and opinions

The Nicaraguan network committed to social and economic justice for the country’s people

A forum for travel questions, travelogues and a host of informative, quirky things to know is moderated by former Nicaragua Peace Corps volunteers and is up to date

A recently updated (2013) travel guide with a very good section on suggested reading and you can also learn about this nation’s love affair with poetry

A free online tool for learning Spanish