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Teaming up with Rotary…again!

As we shared in an earlier blog post, we were honored to receive members of the South Granville Rotary Club, who financed the renovation of the rural high school Julian Barni in the community of Samulali and then spent a week training 12 young people in electrical installation as they wired the entire school. At the end of the week, the students received a certificate of recognition and a complete tool set.

Students posing with their toolbelts

Of course, in order to practice as electricians, a week-long training with our amazing Rotarian volunteers is not enough. They must attend a technical school in order to receive the proper certification. That’s where the Durham Rotary Club came in! They donated the funds necessary to enroll the 12 students in the National Technical School and cover their expenses while they complete their certification. The students began this week, and are thrilled! Thanks so much to the Durham Rotary for making this a team effort to invest in the education (and thereby the future) of these young people and their communities!

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