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Felices fiestas desde San Ramón, Nicaragua

A lot of jokes, memes, and gifs are floating around right now about how much we all want 2020 to end, and it does feel like 2021 is a light at the end of a long, dark tunnel. But if we’ve gained anything from the experiences of this year, it is perspective. It seems as if the things that matter, matter more, and the things that don’t, just fade into the background.

As we made our visits this month to the communities where we work, this new perspective pervaded each moment. This year, we’ve given the gift (or more precisely, our donors have given the gift) of more dignified living conditions to families in rural communities- cleaner air with our improved stoves, proper sanitary conditions with latrines and portable toilets to children with disabilities, and improved infrastructure in schools.

In exchange, we’ve received the gift of warm hospitality, gratitude, and brotherhood from the people we serve. We were honored guests at the sixth grade graduation in Sabana Grande, one of our sister schools, and in every home where we installed a wood stove, we were invited to eat or drink something! As often happens, those who have the least are the most generous with what they have.

As you enjoy this holiday season, please remember that your support to SCSRN goes a long way to give the gift of solidarity to the people of San Ramón. And as we have learned this year, that’s what really matters.

Recipient of an improved wood stove, in the rural community of San Roque, San Ramón
Sixth grade graduates of Sabana Grande School, Sabana Grande, San Ramón
Recipient of portable toilet chair in the community of La Lima, San Ramón

If you’d like to learn more about the work we do and how you can be involved, please contact us!

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About Anjie Price

Anjie is Executive Director of Sister Communities, first and foremost an educator. She is originally from Mississippi, but now is a permanent resident of Matagalpa, Nicaragua. Her favorite part about working with SCSRN is being involved in education in new and creative ways.

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