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New classrooms and kitchen for Wabule!

For those of you who follow the work of SCSRN, you know that in 2015 we worked hard to raise funds to build two classrooms and renovate the school kitchen in the rural school of Wabule. Well, we’ve got great news: the construction is finished, and the new additions were inaugurated this month, just in time for the new Nicaraguan school year!
Wabule now has two new classrooms, divided by a movable wall that allows the two classrooms to be combined to provide a large space for adult classes, high school classes, or community meetings. In the kitchen, we repaired the roof and door that had been partially destroyed by a fire, and installed an improved wood stove. This new stove burns more efficiently so that it uses less firewood and produces less smoke. It is also insulated on the inside with sand and glass, so that when the mothers are cooking the children’s lunch, they are not exposed to high temperatures. Finally, we installed a reinforced storage room where the parents and teachers can store food and equipment without the fear of it being stolen.
As with all of our construction projects, the Wabule project was a combined effort between SCSRN and the local community. The project was designed to meet community-identified needs, and the parents of the students contributed their labor to build the classrooms and storage room. SCSRN provided the building materials and the building contractor, all with donations from generous people like you. We appreciate your solidarity with the people of San Ramón, and invite you to continue supporting our work! You can do that by donating or going on one of our eco-tours to come and see firsthand the work we do in this rural municipality of Nicaragua. Please contact me to learn more!


2015-5 Wabule antes de construccion 8
Children receiving class outside
2015-5 Wabule antes de construccion 7
Partially destroyed school kitchen
2015-10-10 Wabule antes de construccion 9
Broken swing set: site of new classrooms


2016-02-08 Inauguracion Wabule 3
Two new classrooms
2016-02-08 Inauguracion Wabule 15
Improved wood stove
2016-02-08 Inauguracion Wabule 63
Reinforced storage room

Inauguration celebration    

2016-02-08 Inauguracion Wabule 103 2016-02-08 Inauguracion Wabule 69 2016-02-08 Inauguracion Wabule 117  2016-02-08 Inauguracion Wabule 97

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About Anjie Price

Anjie is Executive Director of Sister Communities, first and foremost an educator. She is originally from Mississippi, but now is a permanent resident of Matagalpa, Nicaragua. Her favorite part about working with SCSRN is being involved in education in new and creative ways.


  1. Yasser Castro-Rocha says

    ahora vivo en londres pero soy de Wabule-Nicaragua estudie en esta escuela y impresionante,,, gracias por el apoprte a la comunidad

    • Avatar photoAnjie Price says

      Muchisimas gracias, Yasser, por su comentario! Esperamos que nuestro aporte puede motivar a mas estudiantes de Wabule a seguir estudiando y salir adelante!

        • Avatar photoAnjie Price says

          Que alegre, Yasser! Acabamos de inaugurar dos aulas en El Roblar para secundaria, y la otra semana estaremos inaugurando dos aulas de primaria en El Jinete. Seguimos adelante mejorando el acceso a educación en San Ramón, gracias a nuestros donantes y la colaboración del Ministerio de Educación.

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