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SCSRN, a collaboration between San Ramón, Nicaragua and its partner communities in the United States, provides educational opportunities and people-to-people connections through:

  • Developing education projects which address community-identified needs in San Ramón.
  • Promoting Eco-tourism, hands-on cultural immersion travel, community service and experiential learning.
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SCSRN Blog: Nicaragua – isn’t it dangerous there?

For many people in the United States, especially those who can remember the 80’s, just the word “Nicaragua” conjures up images of young militants brandishing weapons in the jungle, violent conflict between Sandinistas and the U.S.-funded Contras, and Oliver North. Even if you’re not old enough to remember the 80’s, you might have lumped Nicaragua in with scary stories of drug violence that you’ve heard from other Central American countries, and feel a sense of foreboding.…

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Fundraise Your Ecotour Trip With Our San Ramón Café®

Our returning ecotour participants have been so enthusiastic that we want to offer this opportunity to more travelers. We are now pleased to offer our San Ramon Coffee® as a fundraiser for groups planning an ecotour trip to San Ramón! If you’ve tried our coffee you know that it is a special treat; grown in the cloud forest, tended lovingly and sustainably, and roasted specially for us by Counter Culture Coffee in Durham.…